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New career building portal on the Polish market for managers, engineers and specialists with experience in various industries.

  • An innovative and leading "automatic headhunting” career portal for manufacturing and service companies.
  • The CV datebase has been developed since the year 2000, including the CVs of qualified and experienced employees from many industries and fields.

Why “Just Talents”?

  • Many years of cooperation with international companies, mainly in the aerospace, automotive and electronics sectors, has allowed the originator K&K Selekt to create an essential solution for both sides of the job market, which is a specific datebase of CVs for employers.


  • Companies looking for highly skilled employees will find difficult to reach specialists, engineers and managers on the employment market.
  • Talents can assess their value on the labour market and increase the opportunity for development by introducing their competences to new potential employers.


  • The process of connecting the company with the Talent is fully confidential and with the candidate’s previous permission.
  • Registration for all users is free of charge. Candidates do not bear any financial costs and companies only pay for the service on the basis of “Success Fee”.
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Project Manager
Natalia Silarska
tel. +48 17 862 61 58
tel. kom. +48 504 170 500

For new investors


Joanna Tucholska
UK Business Development Manager 
mobile +44 75235 81935 

Maciej Ratymirski 
Project Manager - Team Leader 
mobile +48 500 026 500 



Recruitment department
tel. +48 17 871 39 77



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